So, You Say You Want to be Permanent Remote?

April 30, 2021

By: Logan Jones

Over a full year ago, many of us were sent home to work remote by our employers because of a paradigm shifting disease, COVID-19, that began sweeping across the nation. The transition to working from home was fast and furious and many people had not contemplated it as a possibility until the reality of the COVID-19 situation was at our doorstep (along with all of our work from home gear).

While some people and organizations didn’t skip a beat and adapted with no issues; others struggled with complications ranging from a lack of team connectivity, technical issues and a work-life balance that was thrown out of whack. One thing we have learned though, is that there is no one size fits all approach that works across the board for every company or every individual.

Some have relished this opportunity to work from home with our pets seamlessly substituting for office mates. Others can’t wait to return to the normal office setting with in person meetings in their familiar corner seat and their favorite cubicle mate just 10 feet away, ready to go on the usual 11 AM Starbucks run.

Many companies now find themselves in a bit of a limbo state, ultimately deciding if they will be full time remote, full time on site, or a hybrid combination that many large companies are adopting. Tech giants such as Amazon, Google & Microsoft have all recently announced tentative plans to get back to the office.

In fact, Microsoft began rolling employees back to Headquarters in a limited capacity on March 29th and they plan to keep a more hybrid approach to their workplace moving forward. The company anticipates part time work from home to be a standard for all office employees moving forward.

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