Silicon Desert Tech Salaries Among Fastest Growing in the Nation

February 26, 2021

By: Logan James

Phoenix has long been a desirable city to live in for many reasons. Historically, the warm weather, beautiful sunsets, resorts and cultural attractions have long enticed those looking to escape the cold and head Southwest for some dry heat.

Increasingly, more and more tech companies have begun to relocate to the Phoenix area as well. In fact, so much so that the Greater Phoenix area is now being dubbed the “Silicon Desert”. Many factors have contributed to this growth that have allowed the Valley to develop such a strong ecosystem of technology-based companies and the growth was certainly not by accident. Phoenix and the surrounding suburbs offer many benefits that are conducive to allowing companies to simply focus on scalability and their bottom line, most notably cost savings and available talent.

One of those unique benefits is that operational costs are found to be near 40% less than that of many cities in California, where companies such as DoorDash and Silicon Valley Bank are re-locating from or setting up satellite offices. Most recently, Align Technology joined this growing list of companies moving their HQ to the Silicon Desert as they re-located to Tempe, AZ from San Jose, CA.

Additionally, the talent pool in the valley is incredibly competitive within the tech space. This is a result of the combination of talent relocating here for the lifestyle benefits and the Arizona Universities pumping out large numbers of techies.

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