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At IMR our financial advisor consultants are your advocate to help you identify and negotiate opportunities that best suit you. We take the time to find out what is important to you whether it be maximizing the value of your business, seeking independence, optimizing the growth of your practice or looking for capital to grow.

We are unique in that consultants on our team have had prior experience working as Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers themselves. They have personally gone through the career transition process, understand your concerns and are industry experts to help you navigate the rapidly changing and increasingly complex opportunities.

Only after understanding your goals and values, we introduce you to the opportunities that best suit your needs saving your time, stress and money all in complete confidentiality. By having an objective counselor who is in your corner to help guide you through your career decision process we relieve you of the extensive effort required when searching for the opportunity that best fits your career goals. We help guide you through what can be an overwhelming process.

Whether you are ready to make a move now or simply curious about your options we would be happy to speak with you in strict confidence without obligation.

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