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Are We Addicted to Stress?

For many, pending deadlines and packed schedules are not overwhelming, but instead can be a driving force that pushes them toward greater productivity. We have processes to streamline, goals to achieve, promotions to earn, debt to eliminate, exercise regimes to master, dreams to chase, and people to help and inspire. The “I work best under pressure” mantra environment creates a Catch-22;  we get frustrated with ongoing stress, but perform at the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency when under the exact stress we try to escape. For some, busyness can be reassuring; a feeling of constant forward-motion and accomplishment is much preferred over being stagnant or empty. That reassurance can come with an [...]

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The Illusive Work/Life Balance

As we approach the mid-year point, hours of daylight increase, outdoor activities and vacations are abundant, yet the demands at the office do not wane. The subject of providing an environment for work-life balance often resurfaces during the summer, but the topic is one that should be addressed on an ongoing basis within an organization. Numerous management consulting companies have performed exhaustive research in this area and have found that over 40% of employees claim they do not have suitable work/life balance, and more than one in four dissatisfied employees plans to leave their employer within the next two years. The Definition of Balance There are many articles and books written about finding [...]

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Selecting People Who Make a Difference

On the surface, conducting an interview can seem like a simple enough task, yet it is one that few are formally trained to do – even when promoted into a role that involves the evaluation and acquisition of talent. Shake hands, make the prospect feel welcome, ask questions, answer questions, and evaluate the candidates. How do you make sure your questions lead you to the best possible individual for your role, as opposed to simply the one who presents the best in an interview? Answer: you have to know what you are looking for before you ever have the opportunity to evaluate if you’ve found it. Analysis of Past Success Before you start [...]

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Winning the War for Talent

Just recently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were 3,700,000 job openings on the last business day in March, which was an increase from 3,500,000 job openings announced for January and February. That number reflects published openings comprised of jobs that are advertised either online or in print format. What we believe is that the 3,700,000 number only represents approximately 20% of the jobs currently available in the marketplace – up to another 80% of job openings are unpublished and are filled through networking, word of mouth, or a recruiter. 3,700,000 published job openings now becomes a total of 18,500,000 published and unpublished openings. The war for talent may not be [...]

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