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These videos, a part of the Integrated Management Resources – a Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices Dimensional Search® Process, will help to ensure you have an effective process in your next career move. Your Integrated Management Resources Search Consultant is always available as a resource throughout this process.

Candidate: Resume Preparation – Integrated Management Best Practices

This video will give you some quick tips for formatting and content to create an effective resume.

Candidate: Interview Preparation – Integrated Management Best Practices

These best practices will ensure an effective interview; keep the decision resting with you for next steps.

Candidate: Resignation Preparation – Integrated Management Best Practices

Suggestions to ensure a seamless transition, while leaving a good impression with your prior employer.

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Candidate: Your First 30 Days – Integrated Management Best Practices

Prior to your start date, review this video designed to accelerat your onboarding process and quickly establish rapport.

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