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Candidate Process

Integrated Management Resources is a leader in placing finance professionals in both Regional and Global Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, and Money Managers. We employ the following process in helping a candidate find their next opportunity.

The Search

  • Integrated has very deep relationships developed over the past 25 years. We begin by obtaining a deep understanding of our Client Company’s needs, wants, and intentions for the role. Prior to disclosing the candidate’s details we discuss the role, shop, team, etc. with the candidate and obtain the candidate’s approval to do so. Candidate resumes and bios are held in total confidence and are not forwarded without permission.
  • In addition to current openings our vast network may open up other opportunities which we will be happy to explore with discretion.


The Pitch

  • Integrated has been in business for over 25 years. We have developed long term relationships and a level of respect and trust with our clients that most of the competition does not have.
  • We are able to explore opportunities and interest in our candidates’ backgrounds with the utmost in discretion and confidentiality.


The Interview

  • Integrated coordinates all the interviews for our candidates. We provide interview confirmations and reminders that contain an exceptional level of detail on the position and interviewing hints in addition to full directions, contact details, etc.
  • We are able to get comprehensive feedback that is vital to a candidate knowing how they performed.


The Offer

  • Integrated does all the negotiation of offers for our candidates.
  • With our extensive negotiation experience and market intuition, we are able to provide an effective communication avenue between both sides whereby a mutually beneficial and successful result is achieved.